Score one for liquor and poor judgment (photogfrog) wrote in skinnyishere,
Score one for liquor and poor judgment


Start wieght: 95kg.
This week: 93 Kgs.
Goal: 75kgs (hee correct typo from first post!)

I am not back in Hong Kong. Have been home for 4 days now ad have exercised every day so far. I feel proud of myself, but I worry that it will not last long.

Question? How much aerobic exercise daily is enough? I have been doing 20 mins on the stairmaster and then 20 mins on the bike or treadmill. Today, I did my gym time BEFORE I ate anything and now I am thinking I should go BACK to the gym. Is that obsessive?

In the last 4 days, I have been writing down what I have been eating. Lots of water, which may be due to the fact that HK is SO darn humid. My lunch today feels like it is sitting in my tummy. Pasta and sauce with beef/mushrooms/cheese. Not a BIG bowl, but enough that I now feel almost ill.
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