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So went to my first Weightwatchers meeting in a little over 3.5 months last night. I've gained back more than I thought, but I'm not totally heartbroken or pissed at myself. At least I'm starting back now - that's the most important thing, and I know that I can do this, because I've done it before. I have a total of 79 pounds to lose to be at my goal. My goal is to have it all off in a year. So as of September 1, 2005 I will have lost 79 pounds - or more, depending on how things go.

I even signed up online at to be a part of the message boards and have already gotten some really great advice. I know this sounds totally "Sucessories" but I heard it last night and it totally made sense and rang true to me - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And I know now that to remotivate myself I'm going to have to plan meals on a weekly basis and keep track of stuff, and it actually feels good and I'm excited about it again. Really excited.

Just wanted to share. Mwah!
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