that fat chick (that_fat_chickk) wrote in skinnyishere,
that fat chick

hello =]

name= kelly
age= fourteen
height= 5'4"
current weight= 135lbs.
highest weight= 149lbs.
lowest weight= 118lbs. [summer]
lose weight= im trying to eat healthily, working out daily, when im bored i workout, when im angry its my fuel for a workout, when im thirsty i drink water, when im hungry i eat fruit, im still eating.
upside-down crunch= it was in a seventeen magazine or something, but it works your lower & upper abs.
how- lay down on your back, raise your legs keeping them together, bring them back down, not touching the floor, repeat. do as many as you can, keep count. beat that count next time you do it.

im just here to stay motivated and such.
i can help people stay motivated, ill reply to posts and all that fun junk.
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