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Frustrated beyond words

Ok..Since August 1, I am down 3 kgs, been going to the gym practically every day (I have missed 8 days in the past 6 weeks) I even hired a personal trainer. 3 freaking KGS???? What is the point???

Measurements at the Start:
Waist: 98 cm
Hips: 128cm
Ribcage: 90cm
Thighs: 67cm

Measurements Now:
Waist: 94cm
Hips: 119cm
Ribcage: 88cm
Thighs: 65cm

I must say...what is the point?? I have been eating healthy. No fries, burgers, chips, fast food for 6 weeks. I have been documenting everyhting I eat. I have been GOOD! No, I do not expect over night results, but in 6 weeks, I expect more than 3 kgs.

My trainer said he could have me at 75kgs by Xmas. Really?? at 3kgs every 6 weeks, that puts me at about 84kgs by Xmas. Nice try buddy. Man, if this is what is all worth, I say sod it.
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